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Dinners for Humanity is a community movement whose mission is to restore dignity, increase awareness and remove the misconceptions against those living on our streets. We believe transient people are too often overlooked, stereotyped and deprived of their individuality, humanity and dignity.


In order to raise an experiential awareness about homelessness and fight the stereotypes associated with it, Dinners for Humanity aims to organize small, intimate dinners (~5 ppl) in various restaurants, associating volunteers and people living on the streets. Through these dinners we believe the community will come together and share bonds than transcend one’s living conditions. We also hope these dinners will provide a sense of love and acknowledgement for transient people who too often are made to feel unwanted.


We also hope the shared dinners will raise awareness about the issue of homelessness and provide an understanding of the issue grounded in personal experience as opposed to myths and misconceptions.


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